Cranberries in sugar: how to make a healthy vitamin dessert

extremely valuable and useful product. Prepare useful and delicious cranberries in sugar according to our prescription and strengthen your immunity and immunity of the child at a time when this is especially necessary.

If you decide in sugar right now, it's not a fact that it is up to the next frost, when you decide to reinforce immunity with vitamin berries. That's because cranberries in sugar are such a tasty thing that, taking one, it is impossible to stop.

But what we tell you, you yourself know it. It is better to cook more cranberries in sugar right now: the recipe is already in front of you.

Cranberries in sugar: proportions and recipe


  • Cranberries - 500 gr
  • Egg white - 2 pcs.
  • Sugar powder - 3 stacks.

Cranberry Sugar Recipe

How to cook cranberries in sugar:

  1. Cranberries can be taken both fresh and frozen. The main thing is that the berries are large, dense enough and without damage.
  2. Rinse and dry fresh berries.If you are sugaring frozen cranberries, let the berries dissolve and dry too.
  3. Release the egg whites into a deep bowl, beat with a fork until light foam, and immerse the dry cranberries in them. Mix the contents of the bowl so that the protein covers all the berries. Mix with a wooden spatula, very carefully, so as not to break through the shell of berries.
  4. Cover the tray or sieve with parchment paper, put a small layer of powdered sugar on it and place the cranberries in one layer, so that there is enough space between the berries. Sprinkle powdered berries on top.
  5. Slightly shaking the tray or carefully turning the cranberries, achieve that the berries from all sides are densely covered with a sheath of powder.
  6. Then carefully place the berries on a plate in a single layer, and allow the casing to dry completely. Frosting will harden in 50-60 minutes.

Put the finished cranberries in sugar into a clean, dry jar and cover with a lid. Now you have a tasty and incredibly useful treat for the winter, which will give strength to the immune system and help the body to withstand viruses.

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