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After the birth, all relatives, relatives and friends are eagerly preparing to see the long-awaited baby, and this happens during discharge from the hospital. Most often on this day, a happy mother with a newborn is met by her husband, parents from two sides, who now bear the proud name of grandparents, sometimes uncles, aunts, and close friends. How to make the moment of discharge from the hospital happy and memorable? UAUA.info has prepared several ideas to pay attention to.

Flower extravaganza

Of course,every woman loves getting flowers. And to the woman who gave birth to the baby, they rightfully belong, because for nine long months she was worried about how he grows and develops, and then she made all possible and impossible efforts during the birth, so that the baby could be born healthy.

Of course, buying a regular bouquet in the modern world is not a problem: flower kiosks are quite common on the city streets, but let's talk about more.

Between the moment of birth and discharge from the maternity hospital, relatives will have at least three days, during this time you can find and order a small one, butelegant flower basket, but if you still want to have a favorite in your handsbouquet, try to make it consisted of fresh flowers and was unbanally decorated.

Psychologist Natalia Karabuta advises: "An extract from the hospital is a troublesome and exciting process, in which even a bouquet of flowers should fit in the course of events as comfortably as possible, without disturbing the still not stable psychological state of the young mother and newborn baby. It is not worth while showing your love and appreciation to present a huge bouquet of 100 or more flowers to a newly born wife and, perhaps, not very well feeling his wife. She, of course, will be pleased, but it is quite problematic to hold and transport such a gift. Try not to create in this and so eventful a day of unnecessary problems, give preference to a small but tailored bouquet with an idea, a pleasant color scheme and without a sharp odor. "

If a happy husband and a newly-born dad still wants to beat his beloved by the size of a bouquet or the number of flowers in it, make a toy or a cake of flowers - suchPresent can be left at home, let him have a few more days to please his wife in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere, recalling that there is a festive event in the house.

Do not forget about a few bouquets as a token of gratitude for the staff of the hospital, the holiday should be felt at all.

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Taxi, taxi, carry, carry ...

And now let's talk about how a young and already tired from the experienced emotions mom and baby will beget home.

If the familyhave my own car- the question is not so acute, of course, the personal iron horse will deliver its most important passenger home on time.

Important nuance: before you go to the hospital for a childmust be well cleaned in the car, wash it both outside and inside, pay attention to the cleanliness of the air conditioner, and after cleaning clean the interior well. While the child is still quite small, and the mucous membranes of his nose are tender, he can react negatively to all irritating external factors: chemicals contained in cleaning products, accumulation of dust and dirt in the cabin, exhaust fumes, air conditioner operation. Another important point - the transportation of the baby incar seat, thanks to which the crumb will be safe while driving.Of course, good mother's hands will protect the child from any adversity, but a car accident is not the case at all, so you should not neglect the health of the baby.

If home mom, child and meeting relatives go by car to friends, acquaintances, or by taxi, of course, such cleanliness requirements are unlikely to be met, but you should not be upset. Most often, the trip does not exceed 40-50 minutes, during which nothing terrible will happen to the child.

If desiredcar can be decorated, so that no one around would ever have questions about why and in which direction happy relatives are moving. Different cars for hire, themed stickers, balls and flower arrangements on the hood - the modern market of services offers many options for different tastes and wallet, the main thing is to choose what you like and make a happy young mother.

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Our mother foruma Lika tells: “My husband was so happy and happy when our daughter was born that he ordered a pink limousine for a meeting from the hospital! I was shocked when I came out and saw this hulk. We didn’t even have a limousine at the wedding, but here came the family, all in their hands were pink bouquets, pink soft toys for their daughter.All my bad health vanished at the moment, it was very nice and beautiful! ”

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Air balloons

It is worth saying “thank you very much” to the English scientist Michael Faraday, who invented the first balloon and, filling it with hydrogen, first launched into the air in 1824. Now, through his invention,it is difficult to imagine any festive event without the cavalcade of colorful balls, especially children's subjects.

Ameeting from the hospital- the most that neither is a child event, although the culprit or the culprit of the celebration is still unlikely to understand what is happening around, and often snuffles sweetly on mom's pens.

So, having previously coordinated your actions with the administration, with the help of fantasy and multi-colored balloons you canfestively decorate the porch, hall, lobby of the hospital, put the composition of the balls in the courtyard of the medical institution, fasten them to the fence, trees and bushes.

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If the management of the maternity hospital does not agree to such experiments, which may well be justified by the observance of sanitary standards, nothing will prevent youdecorate with a balloons courtyard or entrance to the entrance of your house, as well as the entrance door to the apartment or directly to the room.

Variants of compositions are enough- a large heart of many small round balls, the name of a child or a bouquet of long and narrow balls, also made of baby balls, infant figures and various compositions with inscriptions, there are special balls in the form of a newborn baby, bears, prams of pink or blue flowers,

Important nuance: if you have a fairly small living space, you should not place the balloons in the apartment, especially in the room where the child will be. In addition to the fact that the ball can burst and the baby is afraid of a loud sound, a large accumulation of balls produces a rather unpleasant smell, especially if the room is sunny and with large windows. If you really want to capture on the photo and the video of the baby in a crib hung with balloons - do it, but after the departure of the guests, when the life of the family begins to go on as usual, the balls should be better removed and moved to another room, to the kitchen or to the corridor.

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A good addition to the ball compositions can begreeting banners and posters with wishesthat can be hung in the yard, stretched out between the trees. An exclusive option: order a pokleyka congratulatory image on the nearby to your house billboard. In this case, the main thing is to make a successful and high-quality mock-up of the congratulatory image; nevertheless such a gift will be really noticeable, therefore it should look dignified.

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Photo and video

Of course, such a joyful event as an excerpt from the hospital wants to be memorized, so that later, a grown-up 12-year-old tomboy could be surprised, considering his first photo session.

How exactly this will happen - with the help of relatives and your home camera or use professional photo and video services, choose you.

But there are a few points worth paying attention to anyway.

If you keep a photo essay from the scene, someone from your relatives or friends will use your photo equipment;check the condition of the batteries beforehand, battery, and take spare devices just in case.If suddenly, after making a couple of shots, the camera reports that its batteries are low, the festive mood will be ruined.

Choose onewho will shootalso be careful: if you hand a camera to your grandmother, and a video camera to your grandfather, then the risk that you will have half a head cut off in all the pictures, and the video will not start because the “operator” who is in anxiety forgot to remove the lens cover is large enough .

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If in a hurry about the photo and video filming, the relatives forgot at all, and it’s somehow not solid to shoot such an event on a video camera in a mobile phone, you should not be upset. Now the service of "solemn discharge", which includes video and photography, is offered in almost all maternity hospitals. Of course, the quality of the work of local professionals will have to be “on a word”, but more often, if you don’t like their work, you can refuse to take pictures.

Important nuance: one of the main characters of the discharge from the maternity hospital is a young mother, which, like any woman, it is important to look good on the photo. Be sure to first call each other and ask what clothes, shoes and cosmetics she needs to bring to the statement.You may also need a hair dryer, hair spray, some hairpins, do not forget about underwear, deodorant and pantyhose. The best option would be if a young mother dictates everything on a point, and young dad will write it all down, carefully assemble and bring.

our mother-forumwomanWaza tells: "My statement was very fun, my husband forgot to bring me winter boots. I brought everything, even two little hats, and I forgot my boots. And go home for boots for a long time. In general, my mother had to take off his shoes and sit in the car, and I went out in her boots. That's what we had an adventure on the statement. "

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Home buffet and gifts

Already arriving home you can arrangea small home tea. It is important that the gatherings are not long, as the young mother has a lot of worries with the baby, and you just want to take a shower, lie down and rest. Therefore, the maximum time for receiving guests is 1 hour.

About,what will stand on the table, you should also worry in advance, taking into account the new taste preferences of not only guests and relatives, but also the diet of a nursing mother.Perhaps it will need to prepare something separately, without harmful dyes, creams and various additives. Washing dishes and clearing the table is also worth guests, relatives or husband.

Household gatherings -gift timefor both mom and baby. Modern craftsmen can even turn such necessary and familiar diapers into original cakes, make bouquets of socks or soft toys.

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Special kits will help you to keep all the trinkets dear to mother's heartMother's treasures". Cute boxes with inscriptions inside which will be carefully stored:

  • pregnancy test, with the help of two stripes of which future parents learned that the baby will soon be in the family;
  • a tag from the maternity hospital, on which the height and weight with which the child was born was written;
  • the first curl crumbs.

Over time, the box can be replenished by placing the first tooth of the baby, his first nipple, the first tiny shoe, and all the other cute and important things.

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Do not forget aboutrational giftswhich will facilitate the life of a young family: the water filter, blender,food processor, dishwasher, double boiler or multi-cooker, first rattles or mobile, large themed photo album, sets of children's cosmetics or bed linen, backpack-carrying, rocking chair or car seat.

If a young mother and baby feel good, you can arrange a small comic lottery at the table. Each of those present must pull out a prediction of what kind of responsibility for caring for a child falls on his shoulders. Among the predictions may be “to carry a child to school”, “to go with the child to the zoo”, “to teach him to go to the pot”, “to get up to the kid at night” and other original duties.

Important nuance: it is important during preparation for discharge from the hospitaltake into account the nature and state of health of the young mother and baby. Think about whether she would like noisy greetings now or will the attention and care shown at home be a much better gift for her and the child? Also definitely not worth ordering loud orchestras, concerts and fireworks: it will not be appropriate around the maternity hospital, where many other babies and women giving birth, also loud sounds may scare your baby, who has not quite gotten to know in this great new world.

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Here comes the end of this amazing day -day of your discharge from the maternity hospital. Tired and happy you hug your crumb and tell him: "This is our home, the sun. Welcome! We were waiting for you so much! ”

Ahead you have a long and full of various important events with a baby: the first word, the first step, the first class, the first broken knee. Memorabledischarge dayfrom the hospital - this is only the beginning of the path of the baby.

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