Fashion for women after 40 spring-summer 2017 photo trend

Modern women's dresses for women after 40 photo trends

Answering the question of how beautiful to dress a woman in 40 years, we can not fail to mention dresses. They should be in the closet without fail as in young girls, and in ladies in their ages. It is best to choose dresses of light shades, it is permissible to wear even things with a floral print. They should not be too long, unless it's an evening outfit, made, for example, from an atlas. Everyday thing should barely cover your knees. So she will hide the extra weight, if any, and at the same time does not increase the visual age. By the way, you should not choose dresses with too open decollete. They look vulgar, not attractive. Suitable models that hide the chest, but at the same time slightly bare the neck and clavicles.

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Stylish pants for women after 40 photos of the latest trends

Stylishly look 40-year-old women in classic trousers.It is an ideal clothing for both business image and everyday. Pants complement fashionable jackets, jackets, tops or blouses. The main thing is to choose clothes according to color and style. To work, you can choose pants, bananas, or narrower to the bottom styles of pants. In a fashion - the shortened models. Pants with or without arrows are for you only. In 2017, fashion allows you a lot.

Zhenskaja_moda_40 + _2017_7Of course, in the wardrobe of a woman jeans are needed - without unnecessary details and pretentiousness. They should not have prints and youth ornaments. You will fit jeans in dark blue, blue, traditional blue colors. Depending on the condition of the figure, you can choose a loose or tight model, but remember that too tight jeans on a woman after 40 years of age look vulgar. You can wear jeans on the road, for a walk and even to the office for work - if this does not prohibit the dress code.

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Fashionable evening dresses for women after 40 years of novelty 2017 photos

No matter how old you are, a woman must always remain. Dresses - only the female element of the wardrobe, and therefore it is a sin to refuse beautiful things that highlight your femininity. In 40 years you are full of energy, sexual attractiveness and interest in nightlife.Classic colors like black, navy, and red are perfect for evening wear. Also, an evening event is an excellent reason to choose a bright outfit, such as a floral print, a reptile skin print or a transparent lace blouse. But everything should be in moderation. Too catchy or transparent outfit may be suitable for a 26-year-old woman, but not for a 46-year-old.

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What is fashionable to wear for women after 40 years of fashion trends 2017 photo

Walking through the streets, you can see that some girls dress wrong, wear those things that they absolutely do not go. Following the simple advice of stylists, you can create your own individual image, thanks to which a woman will have an irresistible look, despite her age. For forty-year-old ladies, a win-win classic style is well suited, characterized by severity of lines and a minimum of detail. This style is able to emphasize the dignity of the figure of a woman over 40 years old.

Zhenskaja_moda_40 + _2017_11At this age it is worth refusing from low-quality things, it is desirable to wear products from high-grade material. If the fair sex, a little over 40, prefer the classical style, smoothed calm tons,jewelry made of gold and silver can be safely replaced with expensive jewelry. Scales, sunglasses and belts will help to brighten the image. Mature ladies need special attention when choosing clothes to pay her color.

Zhenskaja_moda_40 + _2017_22Despite the fact that in recent years, bright colors are fashionable, you should not wear such clothes, because it will look defiant and inappropriate. Incorrectly chosen shade can give a person age, which is not desirable for forty-year-old women. The right decision will be to purchase light pastel colors, but when creating an image, you can also use muted colors - peach, pink, yellow, blue - in an insignificant amount.

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Fashionable casual skirts for women after 40 photos 2017 styles

A skirt is a thing that must be in the spring-summer wardrobe of every woman. If you still do not know what will be in fashion, be sure to browse the collections of famous brands. All presented models are characterized by freedom, sexuality and, of course, ease. Each woman will be able to choose the right one. How important it is to choose a skirt not only of the correct length,but also the correct fit and style: after all, a common bow can show all the differences between what you look like — amazingly or tastelessly, young and fashionable, or older than you are. The right image for women over 40 years old is the embodiment of elegance, refinement and harmony. But still in 40 years all skirts are simply obliged to end as close as possible to the knees.

Zhenskaja_moda_40 + _2017_1In the spring and summer of 2017, stylists choose feminine things with a beautiful pattern. Choosing a fashionable skirt, be sure to think about what you will combine with it. Only with a properly selected top you will get a stylish and harmonious image.

Knowing what fashionable skirts will be relevant in 2017, you can make the right choice and replenish your wardrobe with new things. Experiment and create unusual images and will always be in the spotlight.

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