Fashion trends in 2019

What does the coming year prepare for us? One would like to say “fashion, wait!”, Because many of the trends of this year we have not even had time to try on. But on the way already 2019, which means it's time to free up space in the closet for new things, and rush into boutiques to try on the most relevant dresses, trousers, jackets and blouses.

Fashion trends of 2019 on the one hand are comfortable, consonant with the daily rhythm of life of every girl who is not indifferent to fashion. On the other hand, the latest trends are innovative, overly ahead of their time, and therefore causing questions. However, many defiant styles and colors are only a moment on the fashionable Olympus, whereas we will only consider long-playing trends that are ready to stay with us for several seasons.

Fashion trends of 2019 are, first of all, a variety. Each collection, each individual thing is designed to reflect the character and personality of the person who wears it. So, for optimists in 2019 there are colored rainbow dresses. For those who always have a holiday in the shower - dresses and overalls embroidered with sparkling sequins.

Those who want to stand out will like the tendency for volumes - on the sleeves, hems of skirts and in the styles of dresses. Whatever you choose, remember, these clothes should emphasize you, and not vice versa. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's look at all the most relevant fashion trends of 2019 in order.

With the world on sparkles

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Let's start with the most glamorous and sparkling trend of 2019. Sequins and shiny fabrics will make this year a star and incendiary. In the spring, choose long and voluminous sweaters from shiny threads; the sweater should be solid or with a color transition from bright to neutral.

In the summer, your faithful companion will be a sparkling jumpsuit with short shorts. The image can be complemented with a satin or silk bomber jacket with a matte sheen.

To become the most visible at the party, choose a tight-fitting jumpsuit, embroidered with silver or black sequins. In 2019 in the trend of asymmetry, so, try on one-piece jumpsuits. If you are going to have a serious event, choose a shiny indoor jumpsuit, complete with a free jacket.

Ode to the bust

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Such a piece of clothing as a bustier, a few years ago was solely the subject of underwear.Now it is an independent clothing that you can safely wear as a shirt for casual style, or as part of an evening-style outfit. The fashion will be shortened bustier - top on wide straps, emphasizing the chest. It should be worn with narrow or wide soft trousers, as well as with a long skirt to the floor, for all - a high fit at the waist.

For modest girls and ladies whose age does not allow to wear a short bustier, in 2019 a tight corset with a spectacular neckline will be relevant. Rigid shape allows you to adjust the shape and shape of the chest. You can wear a corset with fitting trousers and complement a feminine jacket - you get an excellent set in a free business style.

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Topical will be the bustier and as part of a cocktail dress.

The color decision of this trend is intended only to emphasize the aggressiveness and open sexuality of the bust. Mostly, this piece of clothing in 2019 will be presented in black.

Clothing with portraits

Speaking about the trends of 2019, we mean not only styles, but also actual colors, prints, artistic solutions. So, one of the brightest trends of the year will be prints depicting people.You can choose tights or leggings with the portrait of Marilyn Monroe in the style of Andy Warhol, and you can choose a dress or oversized cardigan with a similar image.

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In the summer, simple T-shirts with black and white portraits of famous actors and musicians, and unknown cowboys, astronauts, women and men with an unknown occupation will appear in trends.

In 2019, it is worthwhile to find on sale a T-shirt with a portrait of a Hollywood actress from the time of a black and white movie; in an expensive boutique to pick up pants with a pattern of a woman's face, flared from the hip; Finally, go to the local designer's shop to buy a voluminous denim jacket with a portrait of an elderly lady, written by the designer himself.

Sporty and neoprene

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Once, only swimsuits and diving suits were made of neoprene. In 2019, neoprene will be very fashionable, although it will remain practically in its habitat. The actual trend of the year will be sports tops and tight-fitting golfs, which now are definitely not sinful to call a turtleneck.

Wearing sports-colored neoprene t-shirts can be literally with anything. In the afternoon - with jeans or wide trousers, in the evening - with narrow cropped trousers and a transparent chiffon-veil skirt on top, or simply with an airy multi-layer skirt.

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In fashionable shops it is worthwhile to find a sheath dress with a neoprene top. You can wear such a dress for an informal cocktail meeting, study, or work, if there are no requirements for the style of clothing.

An excellent accessory to the neoprene top will be the actual bag “banana”.

Everything was confused: people, and ... prints

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The combination of the most sudden prints among themselves is not new in the fashion world. But in 2019, the designers decided to mix all possible styles and types of prints in one suit at all. The leader was a floral print. It adorns all the most trendy dresses. And it's not just about roses, or orchids. No, a fashionable dress is a real floral bouquet, with flowers of all shapes and sizes.

For clothes with a colorful floral print you should choose minimalistic and simple accessories: plain bags, laconic shoes and sandals. If you have a jacket in colors, wear it with plain trousers in a contrasting color. If there is a shirt in a flower, well, wear it with floral print trousers - and get a trendy look.

When in the soul - a rainbow

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Each year, usually one fashionable color is tracked, one that occurs literally in each collection of each designer.The coming 2019 is a time when all colors came into fashion at once. They appeared on dresses and suits in the form of rainbow stripes, blots, stains, colored blocks. In the spring of this year, we will meet beautiful blazers of multicolored wool with tulle inserts.

Business style replenished with long dresses, shirts in small colored stripes. The designer rainbow will also affect evening gowns: for balls and gala evenings, choose light flying dresses of 5-10 colors of chiffon.

For the cold seasons of 2019, it is worth looking at a knitted set of sweaters and a straight skirt with colored lettering. In the summer, try on a pair of white cotton sarafans with multicolored funny blots.

And so that at work do not seize the gray routine, sew a business suit according to your standards from thin wool or flax into a thin, zippered strip.

Universal jackets

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A strict feminine jacket and casual blazer are the most universal and practical trends of 2019. The beauty of these things is that they are equally good with the pants, your favorite jeans, and skirts of any style. The jacket magically turns any set of clothes into a business suit, so a modern woman cannot do without it.

In early 2019, it is worth getting a warm woolen jacket, which will successfully play the role of a light coat. For business dinners, we recommend choosing a tight-fitting jacket with wide lapels - an interpretation of the famous Lesmoking by Yves Saint Laurent. Choose black and wear it with light-colored trousers.

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Under the wide baggy jeans also pick up a jacket oversized male cut. A light large cell or a colored stripe will do — the upper part of the image will seem easier.

Under the bright summer overalls, you should choose a velvet jacket with wide shoulders, so that you can throw in the evening. The color of the jacket should be a couple of tones darker, but equally bright.

Super volume

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This slogan is suitable not only advertising mascara, but also fashionable outfits. In conclusion of our selection, let's say a few words about evening and cocktail dresses. Indeed, sometimes you want to put on your best dress and go to the loudest and chic party of the city! So, in 2019, choose the most voluminous outfits.

Mega-magnificent boa, with which mini-overalls are sheathed, unrealistically large flounces on the skirt, a very broad over-tunic tunic, "blown" blouse - in a word, the bigger, bigger and bigger,the more relevant outfit.

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