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Ipat, Ipaty name meaning and name interpretation. Ipat - the highest (Greek).
Name days, patron saints. April 13 (March 31) - The Holy Martyr Hypatius, Bishop of Gangrsky, defended the Orthodox faith from heretics; by the power of prayer cast out devils and permitted barrenness and dishonesty.
June 16 (3) - over. the boy Ipatus died martyr for the faith of Christ in the III century. together with other Christian holy martyrs and youths.
Superstitions, omens, customs. If on Ipat, June 16, the whole day rain - in autumn there will be a lot of mushrooms.
Zodiac name - Gemini. The planet is Mercury. The color of the name is orange. Auspicious tree - chestnut. The cherished plant is buttercup. The patron saint of the name is the monitor lizard. Stone-talisman - agate.
Diminutive forms. Ipa, Patia.
Middle name. Ipatievich, Ipatovich, Ipatovna, Ipativna; razg. Ipatych.
Name and character. Ipat has a closed, docile nature. He is very modest and slowly advances to the goal. Ipat lives a rich spiritual life, it is difficult to converge and it is just as difficult to part with people. Ipat loves loneliness - he is completely lacking in family society. Accurate, at home he does everything himself.Family care for him in the first place.
Name in history and literature. Ipaty Zenob - Armenian historian of the 4th century, the abbot of the Glak monastery, originally from Syria, created the "History of Taron", where he described the struggle that Armenian Christians fought against pagans in the vast region of Tara, near Lake Van.

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