Movie Minecraft (2019)

Video game versions are a sore spot for Hollywood. On the one hand, producers are lured by super-profitable licenses (Call of Duty, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed ...), on the other hand, they keep stuffing cones time after time.

“Thirst for speed”, “Doom”, “Hitman”, “Max Payne”, “Assassin's Creed”, “Alive or Dead” - all these adaptations of recent years were met by the audience with indifference or bewilderment.

Perhaps the situation will be able to reverse the "Minecraft".

Minecraft game

Minecraft is the brainchild of Swedish programmer Marcus Persson and his company Mojang. The public alpha version of Minecraft was released on the PC in 2009, later the game won the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo consoles, as well as mobile devices.

As of January 2018, Minecraft’s cumulative sales surpassed 144 million copies. The best result can boast only the legendary "Tetris". Every month more than 74 million users play the Scandinavian phenomenon.

The gameplay of Minecraft is an open-world sandbox, genrely the so-called “virtual world”. Locations here are randomly generated and consist of block cubes.

Players are free to collect from them buildings / objects of any complexity, in the manner of the designer LEGO. However, there are plenty of other activities here.

In September 2014, Microsoft bought Mojang Studio and Minecraft rights for $ 2.5 billion. This is one of the largest deals in the gaming industry.

Production of the film "Minecraft"

minecraft movie 2019

About the film adaptation of "Minecraft" in the press started talking in 2014, and the information was first voiced by Markus Persson himself. Interest in adapting the game showed Warner Bros.

The first candidate for the position of director was Shawn Levy (Pink Panther, Very Strange Things), but he did not converge with Mojang in the vision of the project.

In July 2015, he found a replacement - talking about Rob McElhenny, the author of the sitcom “It's always sunny in Philadelphia” (FX channel, the main star of the show is Danny DeVito).

It is interesting to note that Shaun Levy is currently working on adapting another popular video game, Uncharted.

minecraft 2019 trailer

The film "Minecraft" will mix "live" shooting with animation. Exactly in the same direction, the creators of the film “Hedgehog Sonic” are moving - by the way, it is produced by Tim Miller, who put the first part of “Deadpool”.

The names of the actors involved in Minecraft are not called. Is that in 2016, there were rumors of interest in the tape of Steve Carell ("Bruce Almighty").

In 2012, American producers turned to Mojang who wanted to do a TV series on the game.Mojang refused, saying that such projects should not be rushed at random, and “the right ideas” from scratch, alas, do not occur.

Who is working on the project?

film minecraft release date

  • Director: Rob McElhenny.
  • Writers: Rob McElhenny and Jason Fuchs (“Peng: A Journey to Netlandia”, “Wonder Woman”).
  • Produced by: Wu Booy, Roy Lee (Death Note, Oldboy), John Powers Middleton (Grief-Creator, Lego Film: Batman) and Brent O'Connor (Mighty Rangers, Seventh Son ).
  • Artists: Craig Humphreys (Deadpool), Helen Jarvis (Justice League, Great Wall) and Evan Webber (Suicide Squad, Robocop). The animation director listed is William the Sepulcher ("Gods of Egypt", "Twilight", "Constantine").


Minecraft to the movies

Minecraft is a joint project of Vertigo and Warner Bros. It is already known that in the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Brazil it will be shown by Warner Bros., in Ukraine - by Kinomania, in the Russian Federation - by “Karo Premier”. The release is scheduled for May 22, 2019.

Do not be surprised that we did not say anything about the plot - the authors keep the details of history in the strictest confidence.

In the original game, by the way, as such, the plot is not - users can do what they want. LEGO films licensed, however, this moment does not interfere with being fascinating - for sure, Minecraft will not interfere.

The main thing is that directors of Minecraft always find a common language with Microsoft, which owns the rights to the game. Neil Blomkamp and Peter Jackson did not succeed in this - as a result, their film adaptation of Halo remained an unfulfilled "dream project."

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