The first trip with the baby: a reminder for parents

Going on a trip with a small child, you need to take into account all the nuances and be prepared for the most unexpected situations. Therefore, in order to have a rest “with a bang,” you need to carefully prepare for it.

Pediatricians are advised to go on the first trip with a crumb not earlier than he turns three months from the date of birth. By this time, the baby was quite strong and passed the period of adaptation outside the mother's tummy.

Such a tender age of their son or daughter should not frighten parents; babies are much easier to endure the road than older children.

What to consider

Before you decide on the direction of travel, remember that:

  1. Resting with a crumb is better in the warm season - from May to October. The exception is the hottest month - July. Do not forget that there should not be abrupt weather changes. For the first trip, choose a climate zone similar to the home of the baby.
  2. If you can choose a transport,how you will get to your destination, give preference to the car (you can not depend on the circumstances and make a route with the number of stops you need) or a plane (several hours in the air while the baby is sleeping and you are already at the destination).
  3. Consider the difference in time, because the baby has already developed its own daily routine. And if adults adapt to the new time quickly enough, the children continue to live according to their own schedule. Try to choose a place for the first rest, which is not very different from the usual for the baby in terms of climate, time and other conditions.
  4. The first rest with the child - it should be devoted to the baby. We doubt that you will be able to see all the sights with him or go on a long walking tour, so local beauty should not be a determining factor when choosing a place to relax with a child.
  5. If you go with the child to the sea, check that the beach is sandy. The kid will be able to tinker in the sand without the risk of hitting the stones or trying pebbles on the tooth.

An important issue is nutrition.

One of the main and most important issues that worry mom-traveler is how to feed a child on vacation. If you breastfeed your baby, the trip will not cause any special difficulties. In public places, feeding the baby is also possible, ask your spouse to cover you or put a diaper over your chest.

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If the baby eats the mixture, be sure to stock up with the necessary number of boxes, because such nutrition may not be available at the new place, and transferring the crumb to a new mixture during travel and without consulting a pediatrician is not worth it.

Have you already introduced the crumbs to the feed? On the road it is most convenient to use the food from the jars. You will be sure that the product is not spoiled, it is suitable for the child and is made of special and proven raw materials.

And a company that offers small gourmets a wide assortment of vegetable and fruit purees helps to make a reserve for the period of travel. To win delicious and healthy gifts for your baby, you need to go on an exciting journey without leaving your home.


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What is useful on the road

On a trip with the baby, you will benefit from almost everything that you use in caring for your baby at home. Therefore, the bags will be impressive. Of course, the list of things varies depending on the age of the crumbs.

Do not forget to take:

  • children's first aid kit (it must be paracetamol, thermometer, medicine for colic, gel for the gums, if teeth are cut, antiviral drugs, etc.)
  • Sunscreen for children with an SPF factor of at least 20
  • diaper rash cream
  • replacement diapers and used diaper bags
  • car seat or car seat (if traveling by car)
  • bag-carrying (baby will be able to sleep even if you are going to have a transplant)
  • plastic bib

Think over all the details, make a list, mentally model your day in a new place.

Get together not on the last day, read the reviews of "experienced mothers-travelers" on the forum, do not fuss and carefully choose a place to rest, call hotels, check the smallest details.

Comfortable and pleasant stay!

Tips starry mom.

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