Trainings for children "Zahist vіd don’t know": 20 February, Kyiv

I will ask your children for it, vіk vіd 6 rokіv on the two-year trening vіd LifeSchool. The school of children's safety of Anna Nosach “Zahist wіd don’t know”, which will take place on the 20th of July 2018 at the co-working with children of Zelenka.
The form of the borrower: theoretical information, practical in the right, a look at the discussion of video ads,igri that robot in the malicious groups on those:

  1. Hto takiy neznayomets?
  2. What can we expect for me? Chi can vіdrіzniti good lyudin vіd zloja?
  3. Yak povodishsya z neoznoyomoyu mnogoNoyu, yaka zvertaetsya to mene z prokhan'yam, zaproshennyam, proposozitsii?
  4. Deyakі tricks and pastohs of the restless dazes, about importantly nobility
  5. Yak rozmlyatti і hover z nastirlivimi neznayomtsyami?
  6. Special phrases і dії, I’m supposed to help my child.
  7. Scho robiti i yak zahischits, damn it, don’t know how to hang around nababno abo agressively?

You can also practice your own navigation on the bad weather, but it means that you can write the necessary words that algorithm is,Do not want to hurt yourself і not in unacceptable. You will be sposkoynymi, v_dpuskuyuchi ditina on busy chi on a walker.
Anna Nosach conducts training - a trainer, a psychologist, a school teacher of lifeSchool child safety. School of Child Safety Anna Nosach, mother of a miracle donka.

  • Employing money: 2 years
  • Кількість місць -12
  • Coley - 20 Sunday from 18:00 to 20:00
  • Mova busy: ukrainian.
  • Vartіst - 400 UAH before payment up to 18 weeks і

Price: 450 UAH per day on the day of the call.
Rezstratsіya for ☎️ (tako Viber, sms): 093-018-78-39 (Oksana) on site:
You have a group of 6-10 children, two from 5 to 8, and you’ll have to spend time for them, call home for an hour
It is important to: Guarantor mssya at entry є overpayment. You do not pay attention to a person, but you can do it yourself. You can give a gift to him by changing the name of the participant, turning around for the sake of us zazdalegd.

Kovorking z dіtmi Zelenka
m. Kyiv, vul. Ярославів Вал 11/1

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